Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Whole Foods Market (London)

It's big and it's central

I was walking around with my mouth open as I did not expect the store to be this big. Foodie galore on three floors. It would take a whole day to explore all of the aisles.

The food selection is diverse: hot food counter and salad bars, bakery, smoothie bar, cheese corner (ground level), fruit and veg, health and beauty products, housewares (basement) - you're guaranteed to find just about anything, even prepared foods.

I wasn't impressed with the restaurant level, the food selection was just like a shopping centre would have, boring.

The place was crowded and it made me feel like I've been sucked in by a giant sea creature, but it's definitely worth exploring, you may find some hidden gems.

An online shopping option would be a nice addition to the store's values.

Whole Foods Market Kensington
63-97 Kensington High Street
The Barkers Building, London W8 5SE

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