Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Planet Organic (London)

Organic health-food store and more

If you are health conscious then this is the right place for you to eat and to shop. An ideal vegan-friendly destination. The store is well stocked, you can find everything from fresh fruit and veg, cupboard essentials, vitamins, skincare products towards super-duper supplements, household products, snacks, and a good pick of free-from stuff. The store also features a hot food counter and an amazing smoothie bar. There is a grab and go section as well. What a place!

The food at the counter (selling hot and cold food by box size, which you can enjoy on site or you can take it away with you) has a nice variety and it is wholesome and tasty (I was pleased that the food wasn't over-salted, finally someone thought of that too).

The Benchpress Smoothie is amazing! I always put chia at the end to keep is whole but blending it in is much, much better. My tot did not let go of the straw and cup once she took a sip. She finished it all before we could blink.

• Upon entering the shop a pleasant scent welcomes you, it puts you in a good mood and fills you up with positive energy.

• The store surely has a lively spirit.

• I was impressed with the staff, they were helpful and knowledgeable.

• Great food. Excellent service. Lovely relaxed atmosphere.

• Discovery, adventure, inspiration, excitement all in one place.

• My toddler had great fun with the child-sized trolleys.

I am jealous of every Londoner who gets Planet Organic as their local store.

Planet Organic
42 Westbourne Grove (Bayswater)
London W2 5SH

Food extravaganza: Vegan, No Gluten hot and cold options we have sampled:





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