GAPS recipes

Stocking up the fridge and freezer, GAPS-style
The GAPS diet food list, FULL GAPS with cheat sheet
What is GAPS?
The mighty bone broth (also PALEO, AIP)
The GAPS Introduction Diet, with cheat sheet
Render your own lard (also PALEO, AIP)
GAPS Christmas (inspiration)
GAPS Christmas 2015 menu (also PALEO)
GAPS New Year's Eve menu (also PALEO)
Easter 2016 menu (also PALEO, part AIP)


Rainbow egg breakfast (also PALEO, V)
Poached egg with asparagus (also PALEO, V)
Scrambled eggs, soft and moist (also PALEO, V)
Eggs on a bed of garlic veg, softened veg julienne (also PALEO, V)
Egg breakfast with beets, cooked beetroot and julienned veg (also PALEO, V)
Egg baked in mushroom with veg and sauerkraut (also PALEO, V)
Egg baked in avocado with crunchy raw salad (also PALEO, V)
Egg baked in pepper with carrot julienne and beetroot carpaccio (also PALEO, V)
Poached egg with broccoli and tomatoes, steamed and pan-fried (also PALEO, V)
Egg breakfast with liver with veg and broth (also PALEO)
Fried eggs with beef jelly (also PALEO)
Boiled egg breakfast with veggies (also PALEO)
Egg breakfast with chorizo chips (also PALEO)
Fried eggs breakfast plate - omit the cheese for PALEO
Omelette with crisp prosciutto - omit the cheese for PALEO
Fried eggs with mini patties and steamed carrots (also PALEO)
Baked ham and egg cup with beetroot salad (also PALEO)
Fried eggs with 3 veggies: courgette, beetroot, sauerkraut (also PALEO, V)
Frittata (also PALEO)
Mackerel fillet with steamed veg and sour cabbage (also PALEO)
Wild salmon fillet with onion cavolo nero and squash puree (also PALEO)
Mackerel fillet with soft, creamy veg and peppery salad leaves (also PALEO)
Haddock fillet on a bed of steamed black kale with avocado (also PALEO)
Four veg mackerel (also PALEO)
Mackerel for breakfast with kale, carrot, courgette, avocado (also PALEO, AIP)
Coconut caulidge, no-grain porridge (also PALEO, AIP, V+)
Cramberry caulidge (also PALEO, AIP, V+)
Grain-free almond bread (also PALEO, V)
3 ingredient breakfast (V)
Omelette and chorizo breakfast
Salmon for breakfast (also PALEO, AIP)
Wild garlic omelette
Grain-free almond muffins (also PALEO, V)
Lamb and pork patties (also PALEO, AIP)
Patties and squash (also PALEO, AIP)
Cold liver breakfast (also PALEO, AIP)
Liver patty breakfast (also PALEO, AIP)

Crispy kale (also PALEO, V+)
Delicious Delicata (also PALEO, V+)
Apple and cashew butter snack (also PALEO, raw V+)
Toasted butternut squash seeds (also PALEO, V+)
Pan-fried courgette medallions (also PALEO, V)
Tuna and egg mayo salad (also PALEO)
Roasted stuffed tomatoes (also PALEO)
Aubergine pizza-medallions - omit the cheese for PALEO
Leftover mince boats (also PALEO)
Tahini crackers (also PALEO, V)
Mackerel pate on crackers (with PALEO option)
Ham-wrapped baked figs (with PALEO option)
Smoked salmon bites
Cheddar and thyme crackers (V)
Multi-seed crackers (also PALEO, V)
Baked salmon and veg slices (also PALEO)
Herbed multi-seed crackers (also PALEO, V)
Apple chips (also PALEO, V+)
Baked banana chips (also PALEO, V+)
Purple carrot and beetroot chips (also PALEO, V+)
Baked squash boats (also PALEO, V)
Flavoured banana chips (also PALEO, V+)
Roasted squash wedges (also PALEO, V+)
Pork cracklings (also PALEO)
Buttered nuts and seeds (also PALEO, V)
Christmas cold meat board (also PALEO)
New Year's Eve cold meat board (also PALEO)
New Year's Eve hot liver bites (also PALEO)
Chicken liver snack (also PALEO, AIP)
Pork jelly (also PALEO, AIP)
Grain-free almond bread (also PALEO, V)
Cold appetizers - a feast for 5 senses (also PALEO)
Sweet and salty liver (also PALEO, AIP)
Ham and asparagus spears (also PALEO, AIP)
Grain-free almond muffins (also PALEO, V)
Lamb and pork patties (also PALEO, AIP)

Cream of mushroom soup (also PALEO, V+) - omit the bread at serving
Roasted pepper and tomato soup (also PALEO, V+) - omit the bread at serving
Creamy courgette and broccoli soup (also PALEO, V+) - omit the bread at serving
Moqueca Europeana (with PALEO option)
Coconut salmon soup (also PALEO)
Lamb shank broth FULL GAPS (also PALEO)
Minted venison meatball soup FULL GAPS (also PALEO)
Beef bone broth INTRO: STAGE 1 (also PALEO, AIP)
Pea and prawn coconut soup FULL GAPS
Creamed carrot in broth INTRO: STAGE 1 (also PALEO, AIP)
The mighty bone broth INTRO: STAGE 1 (also PALEO, AIP)
Scallion soup (also PALEO, V / V+ option)
The no cook borsch (also PALEO)
Roasted pepper tomato soup (also PALEO)
Fish noodle soup (also PALEO)
Seafood soba noodle soup (also PALEO)
Prawn noodle soup (also PALEO)
Creamy fish soup (also PALEO)
Asian-style egg drop soup (also PALEO)
4 fish stock-based soups (also PALEO)
Prawns in broth soup (also PALEO)
Easy onion soup (also PALEO)
Christmas mushroom soup with meatballs and sauerkraut (also PALEO)
New Year's Eve mushroom soup with chipolata and chorizo (also PALEO)
Easy fish soup with savoy cabbage (also PALEO)
Lamb broth with sauerkraut (also PALEO, AIP)
Butternut squash soup with chicken liver (also PALEO, AIP)
Creamy leek broth (also PALEO, AIP)
Nettle soup (also PALEO, AIP)

Baby spinach salad - omit the Parmesan for PALEO
Crunchy chicken salad bowl (also PALEO)
Home-made sauerkraut (also PALEO, V+)
The green plate (V)
Carrot vinegret salad (also PALEO, V+)
Warm curly kale salad (also PALEO)
Curly kale salad (also PALEO, V+)
Tuna and egg salad bowl (also PALEO)
Prawn egg and avocado salad (also PALEO)

Cauliflower curry (also PALEO, V+)
Wild pheasant breasts (also PALEO)
Roasted whole poussin (also PALEO)
Butternut squash coconut curry (also PALEO, V+)
Baked whole sea bass (also PALEO)
Roasted wild rabbit with rucola and grapefruit (also PALEO)
Salmon bake (also PALEO)
Butternut squash red pepper curry (also PALEO, V+)
Wild salmon coconut-egg bake (also PALEO)
Chicken and spinach in coconut (also PALEO)
Chicken liver and cauli mash, melt in the mouth, creamy (also PALEO)
Butternut squash cashew curry (also PALEO, V+)
Cauli couscous with baked fish and garlic spinach (also PALEO)
Stuffed courgette boats with raw avocado salad (also PALEO)
Ox cheek stew with minted pea and garlic green beans - no peas for PALEO
Grilled venison burger with 3 salads and 3 dips/dressings - no yoghurt for PALEO
Veg coconut curry with spring onion cauli mash (V / V+)
Butternut squash curry with mash (also PALEO, V / V+)
Parma ham wrapped chicken thighs (also PALEO)
Stuffed round courgettes (also PALEO)
Stewed carrots and courgettes (also PALEO, V+)
Meatball pappardelle (also PALEO)
Mince and courgette stew (also PALEO)
Chicken liver with thyme (also PALEO)
Marinated chicken skewers (also PALEO)
Beef bolognese (also PALEO)
Beef and carrot stew (also PALEO)
Beef patties with kale and chorizo salald (also PALEO)
Butternut squash mince (also PALEO)
Pulled chicken (also PALEO)
Chicken liver with squash and carrot (also PALEO)
Poach-roasted wild salmon (also PALEO)
Herbed chicken liver with kohlrabi mash and spinach sauce (also PALEO)
Ox cheek and shiitake mushroom stew with vegetable spaghetti (also PALEO)
Stewed mushroom (also PALEO)
Mushroom and veg stew (with V+ option)
Cauli fried rice (also PALEO)
Lamb neck with cauli couscous (also PALEO)
Potted chicken liver (also PALEO)
Whole cooked lobster with steamed broccoli (also PALEO)
Stuffed cabbage (also PALEO, AIP)
Courgette lasag-NO - omit the cheese for PALEO, AIP
Salmon and prawn rice bowl (also PALEO and AIP)
Liver with carrotti (also PALEO, AIP)
Lamb shoulder roast with roasted veg and cucumber salad (also PALEO, AIP)
Lamb rack roast with cauliflower, wild garlic and beetroot (also PALEO, AIP)
Fruits de mer fried cauli rice (also PALEO, with AIP option)
Sunday roast - chicken, caulifloewr and kale (also PALEO, AIP)
Duck liver with courgette ribbons (also PALEO, AIP)
Butternut squash curry with cauli rice (also PALEO, AIP, V+)
King prawn pasta (also PALEO, AIP)
Lamb and pork patties (also PALEO, AIP)
Roasted pork ribs (also PALEO, AIP)

Wok-fried vegetables (also PALEO, V+)
Cauliflower mash (also PALEO, V)
Cauliflower couscous (also PALEO, V+)
Spring onion cauli mash (also PALEO, V)
Roasted cauliflower (also PALEO, V+)
Baked cauliflower (also PALEO, V)
Red cabbage and carrot salad (also PALEO, V+)
Marinated veg roast (also PALEO, V+)
Buttered cauliflower (V)
Roasted carrots with thyme (also PALEO, with V+ option)
3 veg side salads: roasted, cooked and raw (also PALEO, with V+ option)
Green crunch salad (also PALEO, with V+ option)
Roasted squash wedges (also PALEO, V+)
Christmas beetroot salad (also PALEO, V+)
New Year's Eve beetroot salad (also PALEO, V+)
Two kale side salad (also  PALEO, AIP, V+)
Warm sauerkraut side dish (also PALEO, AIP)

Mustard dip (also PALEO, V)
3 kind of dips, yoghurt, olive oil, and sweet mustard (V, V+)
Home-made mayonnaise (also PALEO, raw V)
Lime and avocado mayo (also PALEO, raw V)
Soured cream (V)
Mackerel pate (with PALEO option)
Red onion chutney (also PALEO, V+)


Baked apples (also PALEO, V+)
Rhubarb and berry crumble (with GAPS/PALEO option, V+)
Apple and cinnamon crumble (with GAPS/PALEO option, V+)
Three nut energy bites (also PALEO, raw V+)
Fruit bites (also PALEO, raw V+)
The nut balls (also PALEO, raw V+)
Fig and hemp seed bites (also PALEO, raw V+)
Berry and plum crumble (also PALEO, V+)
Watermelon fruit salad (also PALEO, raw V+)
Banana and egg mini pancakes (also PALEO, V)
Banana mango ice cream (also PALEO, V+)
Chili and lime cantaloupe melon (also PALEO, V with V+ option)
Gingery berry coconut crumble (also PALEO, V+)
Banana pancakes with strawberry compote (also PALEO, V)
Watermelon ice lollies (also PALEO, raw V+)
Dairy-free milk gummies (also PALEO)
Date biscuits (also PALEO, V+)
Papaya and black grape ice lollies (also PALEO, raw V+)
Raspberry jelly (also PALEO)
The cashew muffins (V)
Mango ice lollies (also PALEO, raw V+)
Rose and coconut sweet jelly bites (also PALEO)
Frozen berry cups (also PALEO, V+)
Cashew apricot muffins (also PALEO, V)
Mango-coco gummies (also PALEO, with V+ option)
Floating coco island (also PALEO, V)
Coconutties (also PALEO, V)
Baked stuffed apple halves (V, with PALEO and V+ option)
Courberry slices (also Paleo, V)
Gingered pear jelly (also PALEO)
Baked whole banana (also PALEO, with V+ option)
Panna cocco with mango jelly (also PALEO, with V+ option)
Coconut full moons (also PALEO, V)
Raspberry and coconut layered jelly (also PALEO, with V+ option)
White chocolate muffins (also PALEO, V)
Minted pear panna cocco (also PALEO, with V+ option)
Sweet almond thins (also PALEO, V)
Raw custard (also PALEO, raw V)
Spiced pear compote (also PALEO, V+)
Aronia berry jelly bites (also PALEO, with V+ option)
OJ jelly bites (also PALEO, with V+ option)
Christmas mince pies (also PALEO, V)
Fruit and nut Christmas pudding (also PALEO, V)
Walnut biscuits (also PALEO, V)
Grain-free almond bread (also PALEO, V)
Grain-free almond muffins (also PALEO, V)
Instant ice cream (also, PALEO, AIP, raw V+)

Hot ginger and lemon tea (also PALEO, V+)
Orange and grapefruit juice (also PALEO, raw V+)
Hemp and banana smoothie (also PALEO, V+)
Beetroot and ginger smoothie (also PALEO, raw V+)
Gingery carrot juice (also PALEO, raw V)
Coconas beet juice (also PALEO, AIP, raw V+)
Almond-banana smoothie (also PALEO, V+)

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