Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday dinner

Pickled herring with warm potato and sauerkraut salad

Good Friday dinner is about fish but not just any fish, it must be pickled herring (also known as bismarck herring or селёдка), and there is the salad, made with potato, sauerkraut and onion. So simple, so delicious.

You will need:
pickled herring
500 g potato, egg sized
400 g sauerkraut
1 medium sized red onion
olive oil or cold pressed sunflower oil
freshly ground black pepper

There are many different brands of pickled herring with various flavourings. I like the plain one with the onions only. Choose the one with the shortest ingredient list, and without artificial sweeteners or other nasties.

Drain your fish and roll them up.

For the warm potato salad:

1. Boil the potatoes in their skin (preferably waxy). Check with a fork, if it goes through easily, they are done.
2. Drain the potatoes. Let them cool down a bit so you can handle without burning your fingers. Peel, then slice (an egg slicer can speed up the slicing).
3. Put the warm potato slices in a big bowl. Add the sauerkraut (excess liquid squeezed out and roughly chopped). Drizzle with olive oil or cold pressed sunflower oil (or any oil with a slighly sharp taste; do not use neutral oil here).
4. Add the sliced red onions. Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper. Mix the ingredients gently together, and serve. Enjoy!


Tips: When choosing the sauerkraut same as with the herring, go for minimal ingredients, white cabbage and salt in this case. Raw Health makes an awesome sauerkraut, so does The Cultured Cellar.

Make your own pickled herring:
Place the herring fillets in a jar. Add plenty of onion rings, one or two bay leaves, a few whole peppercorns. Add salt, vinegar and water (the fish should be under water). Pour cold pressed sunflower oil on top and let is rest for a day or two in a cool place.

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