Monday, 13 July 2015

Stocking up the fridge and freezer, GAPS-style

Clean, chop, stock ...

I was one very busy bee over the weekend. Saturday was all about washing, peeling, chopping, and locking Earth's goodness into bags, and freezing them for future use to save time, vitamins, plus some space in the refrigerator, when there is so little time for all these preparations during the week.

On Saturdays I try to source most the veggies for the whole coming week. My fridge is neatly packed by the evening. As time goes some of the veg loose the freshness, the crunchiness, some colour, and more of the original biochemical complexity. By doing the 3-in-1 (saving time, nutrients, and fridge space) works best for me. Now the vegetables do not have to just sit and wait for their turn, loosing precious nutrients and life-juice in the chill.

The freezer is now jam-packed for a whole week, possibly more, with quickly frozen fresh vegetables, like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, garden peas. Some very ripe bananas also cooling amongst the veg. About 1/2 of the freezer holds bones from 100% grass-feed beef and lamb to make perfect stock and broth soups.

My GAPS fridge and freezer shopping list for a week (meat for two weeks):

bunched beetroots, 3 bunches;
bunched carrots 5 x 700 g (without the greens), = 10 x 300 g freezer bags;
spring onions, 2 bunches;
pointed sweet red peppers, 3 x 2 peppers;
garden peas 3 x 500 g (in pods), = 3 x 250 g freezer bags;
leeks, 1 bunch
lettuce, 1 head
avocados, 4
cauliflower, 5 heads, = 5 x 275 g freezer bags;
broccoli, 3 head, = 3 freezer bags;
courgettes, 9
blueberries, 4 trays
fresh ginger roots, 150 g
wet garlic, 4 bulbs
limes, 4
lemons, 4
chicken liver, 1 x 500 g
chicken thighs and drumsticks, 2 x 550 g
beef stock bones, 2 x 1 kg
beef marrow bones, 2 x 1 kg
jointed oxtail, 3 x 1 kg
ox cheek , 1 x 600 g
lamb stock bones, 2 x 1 kg
lamb rack of ribs, 1 x 500 g
eggs, 6 x 6 eggs

With what do you stock up on GAPS?

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