Thursday, 11 August 2016

Three item patty breakfast (AIP)

All frozen, all quick - simple and delicious

My freezer always contains some quick items like these frozen veg and patties. When I make a big batch of patties (I made lamb this time) I freeze them in portions (two per person). Usually they end up as breakfast items. They only need a few minutes in the oven and ready to serve. I also keep prepared veg in my freezer. I buy a bag of 5 kg carrots a week, I save some for carrotti and rice bowls, then prepare the rest and freeze them on the same day in 300-350 g bags (a portion for two). Same with the broccoli, I freeze a few bags for the week ahead, this means I save the preparation time when I need them. This breakfast was made with zero preparation, while the patties were reheating in the oven I have steamed the veg, separately (for a cleaner look and because carrots need a slightly longer steaming time). And the extra good thing about a breakfast like this is that I can have some quiet morning time or spend extra minutes getting ready for the day.

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