Monday, 15 August 2016

Fig-cinnamon tartlets (AIP)

Sweet little tartlets with warm figs and cinnamon sauce

Figs and cinnamon make a good team. Add a little coconut and you will be even more impressed. Simple and minimalist little cakes but bursting with flavours. Not only AIP but VEGAN too.

You will need:
coconut cakes (as a base)
fresh figs (1/2 fig per cake base)
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 scant tbsp ground cinnamon
a good pinch of fine Himalayan rock salt

1. Rinse the figs, pat them dry with a towel, and quarter them.
2. In a large pan melt the coconut oil, add the quartered figs (one cut side facing down), and on medium-low heat gently cook for a minute or two, then turn the figs so the other cut side is facing down now. Cook for a minute or so.
3. Arrange the figs on the coconut cakes (use two quarters per cake base).
4. Add the ground cinnamon and the salt to the coconut oil and juice in the pan, stir to combine, increase the heat to medium-high and cook and stir for a few seconds until the mixture is bubbling.
5. With a spoon drizzle each tartlet generously with the cinnamon sauce. Enjoy!

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