Friday, 17 June 2016

Holiday flavours: Seasonal stone fruits

Cherries, sour cherries and apricots...

Sticking to seasonal (and local) is our best bet to enjoy great tasting fruits BUT in the UK even the seasonal fruits taste pretty much tasteless to me. The meaning of perfectly ripe has a different definition in my dictionary. Ripe means ready to ENJOY not wait and see if it going to turn any better.

Over the holiday I have stuffed myself full with these great tasting fruits not only because I have missed them so much but also because they were more than lovely. Round and red, juicy and orange, aromatic and irresistible.

I have never came across with fresh sour cherries in the UK or Ireland (I have only found frozen ones), so my main focus was on these beauties. Cherries were great too, especially the black one called Szomolyai fekete. The apricots were perfect too. Happy days!

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