Saturday, 11 June 2016

Holiday Cooking (AIP)

AIP cooking during a holiday

Don't you love just to sit back and relax during a holiday and let others do the cooking and then the cleaning for you? Yeah, me too. A well deserved holiday means that the daily routine has to step back and take it easy. I would love nothing more. I dream of it very often nowadays BUT there is no one on Earth who is going to serve me fresh, home cooked AIP. Do it yourself if there is no servant, my grandmother used to say. No servant so holiday or not I had to cook. It wasn't impossible I must admit but it wasn't the holiday I craved for.

I have found fresh chicken heart and gizzard, then in the frozen section there was diced deer and wild boar, what a treat! I have made ice cream and sweet bites a couple of times but fresh, seasonal fruit like strawberries and stone fruits made up mostly the sweet treat category on the holiday menu.

Chicken heart stew with savoury cabbage
Chicken gizzard stew with cauli nokedli
Wild boar stew with squash and dill
Venison ragout with softened courgette
Apple and coconut bites / Sour cherry / strawberry ice cream
Fresh stawberry/wild stawberry, cherry (red and black), sour cherry, apricot


  1. Bizony, nincs is annál jobb, mikor eléd teszik a finom, hazai ételt :) Főleg ha édesanyád, nagymamád készíti :)

  2. Sanjos nagymama az idén már nem tálalt hazait. Édesanyám viszont olyan PALEOt kerekített öt napon át, hogy hihetetlen ;-)