Sunday, 13 September 2015

Meatball pappardelle (GAPS)

Green spiced meatballs with red pepper sauce

These meatballs are loaded with fresh green herbs, cooked in broth, and served on half-raw courgette ribbons, then topped with raw red pepper sauce.

You will need (feeds 4):
400 g minced meat (turkey, lamb, or beef)
1 medium egg
1 medium onion
2 shallots
3 garlic cloves
large bunch of flat leaf parsley
large bunch of coriander (cilantro)
6-8 mint leaves
2 tbsp fresh thyme leaves
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/3 tsp each dried sage and marjoram
freshly ground black pepper
a good pinch of Himalayan rock salt
pinch of ground turmeric
1-1.5 cups bone broth (chicken, lam, or beef)

2 pointed sweet red peppers
2 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove
small bunch of fresh coriander and parsley mix

4 courgettes
1 pointed sweet red pepper
1 tbsp olive oil


1. Put the peeled onion, shallots and garlic cloves with the fresh parsley, coriander, mint and thyme into a blender and pulse until you have reached a fine paste consistency.
2. Put the minced meat into a mixing bowl, add the egg, the green herb paste, season with little freshly ground black pepper, pink rock salt, turmeric, oregano, sage and marjoram. Mix thoroughly. Let it stand for 10 to 15 mins.
3. Make small balls from the meat-dough, using a tablespoon to measure out the equal amount.
4. In a wide pot boil water under the lid. When the water is boiling lower the balls one by one. They should make a single layer on the bottom of the pot. After a minute or two they will start to rise to the top. Take them out with a slotted spoon. This step, immersing briefly in boiling water will ensure the nice round shape, and that they will hold their shape without falling or crumbling apart in the broth.
5. In a wide pan bring the bone broth to boil, then add the blanched meat balls. Cover with a lid, and gently cook for 15 to 20 mins.


6. Place the red pepper sauce ingredients (except the greens) in a blender and pulse until smooth. Adjust the consistency with more olive oil if needed. Mix in the herb leaves. Set aside.
7. Shave the courgettes into ribbons with a vegetable peeler. Steam the ribbons for 3 to 4 mins.
8. To assemble: Arrange ribbons on the plates, add a few thin slices of pointed sweet red pepper, and drizzle with olive oil. Put meatballs on top, finally add some red pepper sauce. Enjoy!

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