Sunday, 7 December 2014

Churro, is that you?

Churros served with thick hot chocolate

I first tasted this Spanish treat in Mexico City, and I was blown away by it's flavour. This deep-fried dough pastry (fat tastes good, right ) is not on the healthy side of treats (it is loaded with sugar too), but once or twice a year I allow myself to sink into the world of unhealthy sweets (OK, maybe more that once or twice a year).

There was a Christmas market on Town Hall Square and one of the vendors sold churros or so they said it was churros. Unfortunately it was NOT. It was something terrible. The ridges were burnt but the inside was uncooked and gooey. The dough tasted extremely unpleasant. Though I liked that the choco was served in a paper case it was a complete waste of money.

There should be a quality check before allowing vendors to sell their product on markets!

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