Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014
Festive menu for Christmas 2014

When I was a child Christmas was preceded by grand preparations. My mother and grandmother started to cook and bake days before the feast. There always were at least six or seven different cakes, biscuits, sweet bites to calm the urge to munch on something sugary. And tons of meat and sides to control the hunger. Of course, there was no need for entering the kitchen for days after Christmas, except for reheating the leftovers.

For years I was trying so hard to reproduce that food-extravaganza, thinking that the more the merrier. Madness, madness it is. Less is more. More time to play with my kid. More time to craft. More time to prepare for Christmas in spirit and soul. More time to breathe. Preparing just enough food is more than enough. No need to eat till you burst. I prepare food for three for 3 days, Christmas Eve (Holy Night) the 24th, 1st day of Christmas the 25th and 2nd day of Christmas the 26th.

This year I stayed a bit on a traditional side with the dried mushroom soup and meatballs with Olivier salad. These flavors are from my childhood. And there is the new tradition from Ireland, Smoked Salmon and Christmas Pudding of course.

Here is my Christmas menu for this year:

Smoked salmon bites with avocado and red onions on focaccia bread
Dried mushroom & sauerkraut soup with pearl barley
Baked whole sea bass with lemon, ginger & parsley
Lamb & venison bites with Olivier salad, cornichons and cranberry dip
Fruit & spice mulled white wine
Coconut swirls & rooibos tea
Christmas Pudding with honey & whiskey cream, Mini Mince Pies

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