Saturday, 1 August 2015

Banana pancakes (GAPS)

Three ingredient pancakes with strawberry compote

Weekend is for shaking up the savoury egg breakfasts with a bit of sweetness. Today's sweetness comes from very ripe banana and gently cooked strawberries.

You will need (makes 40 mini pancakelets):
1 very ripe banana (skin mostly brown, NOT black!, nice and brown)
2 medium eggs
2 tbsp ground almonds

1 tbsp coconut oil

250 g strawberries

1. Wash the strawberries, cut off the top greens. Leave them in whole. Put strawberries in a pan, cover with a lid and gently bring to boil. On the lowest setting cook for 10 to 15 mins, shaking the pan occasionally. Take the pan off the heat, leave the lid on while resting.
2. Mash the banana well with fork. Add lightly beaten eggs. Combine well. Add ground almonds. Mix thoroughly.
3. Heat the pan to medium, brush with coconut oil. Using a tablespoon measure out the pancake batter. Brush the pan with coconut oil between batches. Keep the pancakelets warm between two plates.
4. To serve: Arrange mini pancakes on a plate and top with the warm strawberry compote. Enjoy!

Allergy: Egg. Nut. No gluten. No grain. No sugar. No dairy. No yeast. No soya. Vegetarian.

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