Thursday, 20 November 2014

In case you are wondering

What kind of foods should you expect here? Vegan and vegetarian dishes, mostly. Mostly because I am still an omnivore (old habits die hard). I was raised as an
omnivore but I have figured out that I am far better off without a heavily meat-loaded diet.

I was pure vegetarian for over eight months a few years back. Last autumn I ventured even further and I became a dedicated vegan for over ten weeks. And I am very proud of it (I set out to try it for three weeks and I ended up with ten weeks of pure veganism). Why am I still an omnivore then? Why did I stop being a full vegan?

Firstly, it made me antisocial. I was the girl with a problem. Actually the problem really was is that there are not many (if any) options out there for people who want to fine dine animal product free. It is difficult or should I say impossible to find a restaurant which serves great food that satisfies both vegans and carnivores.

Secondly, it made my family nuts (driving me nuts) that I am only making myself sick with this silly diet. Actually, it is not only a diet, it is a conscious life-path. They were not listening at all.

Thirdly, it was time-consuming. I was in the kitchen all day to prepare three cooked meals and two snacks that are healthy, fresh, well balanced and "complete".

Fourthly, I like some of the dairy products (here comes the old habit in the picture). I was a big BIG cheese-lover. I loved yoghurt, kefir, quark, sour cream. I still do but I no longer indulge. I eat them only occasionally and in much smaller quantities than I used to. I like eggs too, especially in crêpes.

These sounds like silly excuses. Maybe. They were rather challenging to overcome. I wasn't prepared, I guess.

Even so I did not stop enjoying a plant based diet. I cook and bake vegan dishes throughout the week. Mon to Fri usually is vegan. I am still looking for the ultimate vegan restaurant. If you have found it already, please drop me a note. I have not yet had the pleasure of finding one. Maybe I just make one myself.

You will find plenty of dishes here that have been adapted from meat-based to vegan-vegetarian. You will find desserts here that have been adjusted to less, much less sweetness bypassing the white sugar. You will notice, I do not rigidly stick to cookbooks. I often improvise.

Along with my recipes you will find some reviews about restaurants I have visited, and some product reviews too about ingredients I like to use. I hope the content of my blog will satisfy your appetite.

After being mostly VEGAN for 2 years, with the end of June 2015 I have ventured into deep (and dark) GAPS territory for an unspecified length of time.

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