Friday, 7 November 2014

Hello and welcome

Welcome to my kitchen! Here you will find my latest culinary adventures in the ocean of flavours. I am fearlessly willing to try new combinations of ingredients
with irresistible temptation for improvising and improving on recipes.

I left home and the comfort of my mother's and grandmother's cooking seventeen years ago in 1997. Since then I have been the king of my castle kitchen, queen I mean, in charge of my own nourishment. Well, it wasn't really about nourishing anything in the first few years. In fact, it was about get fed, stay alive actually. Those were the student years. Very little time to think beyond the basic needs. But with time and plenty of trial and error of course, there came the enlightenment.

Food is fuel, my grandmother said to me one day over the phone. To run the engine you must put the proper fuel into the tank. How smart she was, IS, she is 83. Simple truth. FOOD IS FUEL. You need to eat well.

Nowadays food is engineered. What we eat is loaded with unpronounceable chemicals. How do we expect to run our engine smoothly if we keep stuffing rubbish into the tank? Try this with your car. How far will you get? Not far, I guess. We need to stop eating rubbish.

Packaged foods need little or no preparation (but plenty of preservation). It is easy to put them into the microwave and have dinner in 2-3 minutes. At what cost, have we ever thought of that? Today is comfort, tomorrow is queueing at the clinic. Improper fuel makes our engine to murmur.

But the good news is, food is cure. I mean proper food. Properly made from properly grown ingredients. Packaged foods have low nutritional values. Overfed and undernourished, that is true. We are in charge of our health. Our health is our wealth. We eat well, we stay healthy, and we will be unquestionably wealthy. I believe this is the path.

What will you find here? Let me tell you first what you will not: meat with meat (sorry meat-lovers, wait, actually I am not), fast foods, deep-fried foods, ready meals, canned-tinned-jarred foods, white sugar (beet, cane), artificial (man-made) additives, colourings, stabilizers, preservatives, etc., you get the picture.

You will find the healthy stuff that promote, support and maintain health and happiness. Back to basics baby! Cooking from scratch, that is my promise to you. I am so excited to share my Nourish me lovingly adventures with you, dear Reader. Please, sit down at my table, do not rush, chew your food thoroughly, enjoy the flavours and let me know what you think, whether it's a compliment or a complaint. Happy tasting!

Meat is back on the menu. As of June 2015 I have left the VEGAN way of eating and stepped over a grain-free path, called GAPS. To read about GAPS, please click on the link.

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