Thursday, 29 September 2016

Squash season!

The winter squashes are here!

The first squash box of the season has arrived! A lovely bunch of colourful autumn treats. Staple food! Thank you Riverford! I will cook them, roast them, mash them into soups and side dishes and going to enjoy them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

1 - Crown Princ squash - roast it! rich and creamy, simply heavenly
2 - Spaghetti squash - a lovely pasta alternative
3 - Red Onion squash - the edible bowl!
4 - Green Kabocha squash - roast and saturate with fat (ghee, coconut, or olive)
5 - Delicata squash - my favoutite way is to roast them: Delicious Delicata
6 - Harlequin squash - fabulous snack or side dish

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