Friday, 23 September 2016

Pork fat - lard and snack (AIP)

Make two ingredients out of one

Rendering you own lard is rewarding: you know exactly what's in it (or more importantly what is not), and the bonus is, you get a crunchy snack, salad topping at the end. I had a hard time to find pure, organic lard (did not find any, actually) thus I have to make my own. I buy pure, organic pork fat, dice the snow-white fat up and gently render into a clear, slightly golden liquid which turns back into a pure, white, solid cream, called lard, when cooled and refrigerated. A perfect roasting companion. Vegetables love it and I love the vegetables roasted in lard. Plus, I love the "bonus" even more! Pork greaves are fantastic as a snack (hot or cold), as a salad or soup topping, or added to stews, roasted veg or cooked into soups to add flavour and texture. You can bend them into a cream to spread over a sweet potato toast or cucumber slices.


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