Monday, 23 May 2016

Redfish with Asian greens (AIP)

Redfish fillet on a bed of tatsoi and pak choi

So light, so fresh, so simple! It is nice to have fish-breaks for dinner between the heavy lamb or pork roasts. The gently softened greens are perfect companions to the delicate white meat. Green is good and goes well with the red ;-)

You will need (serves 3):
3 redfish fillets (1 fillet pr person)
2 or 3 heads of tatsoi
2 or 3 heads of pak choi /bok choy
2 tbsp coconut oil

1. Place the fish fillets in a wide pan, add a good splash of water, cover with a lid, bring to boil, reduce the heat to minimum and gently cook/steam for 8 to 12 mins.
2. Rinse the greens. Cut the larger leaves in half, lengthwise. Put them in a wide pan, add the coconut oil, cover with a lid and gently cook/steam just until the leaves are softened enough but still bright green.
3. Serve the leaves onto plates and top them with the fish fillets. Enjoy!

Tip: Season with coconut aminos if you fancy.

[i] For more GAPS/PALEO recipe ideas please visit my GAPS recipes selection.

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