Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Liver patty breakfast (AIP)

Patties with carrot julienne and avocado slices

I really enjoy patties for breakfast, I just heat them up in the oven and they are ready to serve when the veg are on the plate. I usually make a big batch of baked patties and freeze them in portions (by 4s for 2 people or by 6s for 3 people), this way an effortless breakfast (or lunch, or dinner if you fancy) is ready when the patties are piping hot, around 15 to 20 mins.

You will need (makes 24 patties):
800 g minced lamb (or beef, or pork)
400 g chicken liver
4 onions
2 small shallots
2 garlic cloves
6 medium carrots
1 young leek
2 tbsp fresh thyme leaves
a good pinch of Himalayan rock salt

1. Put the onions, shallots, garlic in a blender fitted with an S-blade and finely chop.
2. Add the rinsed and cleaned chicken liver and chop into a puree.
3. Thinkly slice the leek and grate the carrots on a large hole grater.
4. In a large mixing bowl combine minced lamb, liver and onion mix, sliced leek and grated carrots. Season with some salt and fresh thyme leaves.
5. Take a small amount of seasoned meat mince (about a size of a medium-large egg), roll between your palms, flatten and place the patty on a baking tray (I love my pyrex glass baking tray). Make patties until the tray is full (makes 2 trays of the size 32cm x 26cm).
6. Put the tray in a preheated oven and bake at 175 C for until the patties form a nice brown crust. Turn them and bake for 4 to 5 more mins.
7. Put the baked patties on a plate and let them cool to room temperature. When they are cool freeze them, put 4 or 6 in a freezer bag for 2 or 3 people.
8. To reheat: just pop them in a preheated oven and warm up from frozen at 175 C for about 15 to 20 mins, or until you see the fat on the patties dance and bubble.

Tip: If you are freezing you patties in 4s you will have 6 portions, if you are freezing in 6s you will get 4 portions waiting for you in the freezer.

For this quick and easy breakfast I have julienned 4 large carrots and softened them in 1 generous tbsp coconut oil. Put the frozen patties into the oven first so while you wash, peel, julienne and soften the carrots and peel, pit and slice the avocados your patties are getting ready.

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