Saturday, 18 November 2017

The NO bread and NO butter pudding (P, AIP, V+)

OMG! Just OMG!! I'm in HEAVEN!

As you can tell by now, dear reader, I am not a big fan of cooking the modern way in plastic bags, for example or brightening desserts with food colouring, etc. I enjoy time-honoured recipes and always curious to hear about family recipes that have been on the table for generations or dishes that are prepared with real and honest ingredients. Very recently I have came across a recipe, prepared in a far-from-modern village kitchen from 5 simple ingredients: palm sugar, salt, coconut, sweet potato and water.

A new favourite of mine this sweet potato dessert is, a true sweet treat that absolutely, fully, completely, totally satisfies my desire to eat a "cake". I call it the NO bread and NO butter pudding as the flavour and the texture is identical. Ladies and gentlemen, if you miss the traditional bread and butter pudding (I was a big BnB pudding lover), you have to try it! No grain, no egg, no dairy. The link to the original recipe is at the end of the post.

I have twisted the authentic recipe but it is pretty much the same, except a lot less sweet, I imagine. I have made it four times in the past 10 days and have no desire to stop making it any time soon.

You will need (feeds 4 to 6):
4 medium sweet potatoes
1 mature coconut (choose one with water inside)
4 heaped tbsp coconut oil
2 generous tbsp coconut palm sugar
a good pinch of pink Himalayan rock salt
some filtered water

1. Poke a hole on the coconut and drink the water. Crack it open and remove the flesh and cut into smaller chunks (no need to peel the brown skin off). Grate the white flesh on a fine grater (I prefer to use the nutmeg-grater-type side). Discard the brown skin-like layer.
Tip: If you planning to use an electric chopper, you need to remove the brown bits first. For that you will need a sharp knife and some time and patience.
2. Rinse and peel the sweet potatoes. I used the slicing style as seen in the video, something for the change than slicing or dicing.
3. In a wide, high-sided pan melt the coconut oil on low heat, add the freshly grated coconut (please do NOT substitute with desiccated coconut) and gently toss with a wooden spoon or spatula until it starts to get a light pink colour.
4. Add the coconut sugar and toss for a minute or two.
5. Add the prepared sweet potatoes and fold in with the help of two wooden spatulas. Increase the heat to medium and toss until well coated with the sweetened coconut, for about 3 to 4 mins.
6. Add some filtered water. No need to fully cover all the sweet potatoes.
7. Season with some salt and give it a good stir. Bring to the boil, then cover with a lid and reduce the heat to minimum and gently simmer for about 20 mins or until the fork goes through softly.
Tip: Never stir the cooking sweet potatoes, for not to end up with a mush, only shake the pan from time to time.
8. Remove the pan from the heat, remove the lid and let it rest for about 2 to 3 mins.
9. Serve into bowls. Dig in. Enjoy!
Tip: Add a splash of coconut milk, if you fancy or whipped coconut cream but I think this recipe is perfect as it is.

INSPIRATION: Video - Thank you very much for this great tasting recipe!

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