Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Fresh coconut snack (AIP)

Simple yet delicious snack

Fresh coconut is my preferred form of all the coconut products I can think of. I use the oil of the coconut daily, the desiccated meat, flour and chips are also frequent ingredients, the creamed coconut is a regular resident in my cupboard but nothing beats the fresh, let it be young (green) or mature (brown) coconut. The water of the coconut is so delicious, so is the fresh meat. The young coconut (the green one) has only a thin layer of meat but the brown one is all about the sweet, moist, delicious meat. A perfect snack!

To make a tasty snack that is just excellent in lunch boxes or ideal travel companion you will need a mature (brown) coconut. Choose one with no mouldy smell (sometimes happens, leave that batch) and when you gently shake it you can feel/hear some movements of liquid inside. Rinse the coconut, pat it dry with a paper towel. The coconut shell has three eyes at the base. Pierce two of them and drain the water into a glass and sip-sip while you are working on your snack. With a directed, strong hit (using a thick rolling pin for example) crack the shell open. Carefully take out the meat (using a knife loosening the edges) in two or three pieces if you can (practice makes perfect). Rinse, then slice the meat into finger-like batons. Serve fresh as they are. Lock the leftovers (if any) into an airtight glass container and keep the container in the fridge (for no more than 3 days).

If you preparing the coconut snack for your travels it is best to refrigerate the container and keep it in a cool bag for maximum freshness. Enjoy!

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