Saturday, 25 July 2015

The GAPS diet food list

List of recommended GAPS foods (click to enlarge)

Here is a list of ingredients which are allowed on the GAPS diet. This is my list, the choices what I am planning to eat over the course of the diet.

I have excluded the cheeses because it is too confusing that some are allowed some aren't. It seems that the disaccharide lactose is the turning point whether a type of cheese is included or excluded. When a cheese has been cultured, ripened, fermented, or aged, and the lactose has been changed into lactic acid, it is safe to consume. I wonder how safe could be a molded blue cheese to the damaged gut?

I have also left out deliberately drinks like black tea or coffee, and alcohol (gin, scotch, vodka, red or white wine) which are allowed, occasionally. Again, how are these food items help to heal the gut? Alcohol and caffeine are irritants to the gut, whether it is damaged or not.

It is a mystery to me that why two types of beans (lima and navy) are allowed in the diet, while others don't? PEANUT! How on Earth is this legume safe for the damaged gut, first: being a legume, second: often contaminated with carcinogenic mold (aflatoxin), third: highly allergenic, causing severe allergic reactions to some individuals. I am definitely going to pass on this one.

I have also excluded capers (flower buds), olives and pickles from the seasoning list. Is it possible to find GAPS legal capers, olives or pickles? They are not an essential food items anyway.

The cellulose (in supplements), the citric acid, and seaweed (interestingly this one is not SCD legal) are also missing from the list. Bee pollen is confusing too. It is listed as food to avoid in the book, however on the FAQs page the author even recommends it (it is SCD illegal, stating pollen is irritating to a damaged gut, so I am going to stick to this bearing).

For the original list (including the cheeses) please refer to the book:
Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride.

For the GAPS Introduction Diet please follow the link.

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