Saturday, 22 August 2015

Mango ice lollies (GAPS)

Refreshing summer. Just fruit!

My local South Asian grocery store has an extensive fruit and veg stand, and it is full of exciting fresh produce most of I have never seen or heard of. It would be a thrilling experience to go over every single fruit and veg and learn about their use. Until then I stick to what I am familiar with.

Mangoes! Oh I love them so much. I have found the most amazing, sweet, fragrant mangoes ever! They were smiling and waving at me from afar. I wanted to take home the whole wooden box but only four came home with me. What a treat! Two disappeared in a flash, just like that. It was divine. The texture, the flavour, the colour, and the fabulous fragrance were all perfect, so intense. Rushed back to the grocery store for more.

Out of two I have made single ingredient ice lollies. Not one drop honey or thickening coconut cream was required. Nothing! This is what I call a real treat. A truly kid friendly and absolutely guilt free sweet.

To make terrific, real fruit mango ice lollies you will need:
2 sweet, ripe mangoes
That's it!

1. Cut the mangoes along the flat seeds, as close as possible. Cut the halves into slices, peel off the skin.
2. Put the cleaned mango flesh into a tall glass container and cream it with a hand blender.
3. Working with a wooden spoon push the mango cream through a sieve, to remove any fibre left from the seed.
4. Pour the smooth puree into lolly moulds and place lolly mould in the freezer for 20 to 30 mins.
5. When the fruit starts to set stick a wooden lolly stick into each mould.
6. Put the lolly mould back in the freezer until fully sets.
7. Serve, share and enjoy!

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