Saturday, 10 October 2015

Smoked salmon bites (GAPS)

Light bites for the weekend

Little hors d'oeuvre bites with smoked salmon, home-made soured cream and fresh avocado, served on home-made thin and crunchy tahini crackers.

You will need:
smoked salmon (no sugar, no preservatives just salt, like Inverawe)
home-made soured cream
home-made tahini crackers

freshly ground coarse black pepper
and lemon, to serve

To assemble the bites: You can play with the decoration to have the soured cream on top or spread on the crackers. A). Spread the soured cream on half of the crackers, place a smoked salmon piece on top folded in half, and stick a slice of avocado in the middle OR B). Place a piece of salmon on the remaining half of the crackers, place a slice of avocado next to the salmon, and top them with a dollop of soured cream. Sprinkle with freshly ground coarse black pepper the ones that have soured cream on top. Serve with lemon wedges. Share and enjoy!

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