Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Mackerel for breakfast (GAPS, AIP)

Fish for breakfast is still a numero uno

This post isn't about a recipe. It is about an idea, simple suggestion how to enjoy your fish in the morning, or for lunch, or for dinner if you like.

Rich, oily fish, like mackerel is on the menu for breakfast most mornings in the past few weeks, and we are still not bored. How can we when adding different vegetables make the plate exciting every time.

This morning it was black kale (cavolo nero) steamed and then drizzled with melted duck fat, carrot and courgette ribbons softened in duck fat, and creamy raw avocado. They were singing and dancing with the poached mackerel fillet.

This breakfast is free from grain, egg, dairy and nut, full of natural fats, pure and real as it can be, and not only GAPS but AIP-friendly as well. Enjoy!

Need more inspiration for a fish breakfast? Check out these plates:
Mackerel fillet with steamed veg and sour cabbage (also PALEO)
Wild salmon fillet with onion cavolo nero and squash puree (also PALEO)
Mackerel fillet with soft, creamy veg and peppery salad leaves (also PALEO)
Haddock fillet on a bed of steamed black kale with avocado (also PALEO)
Four veg mackerel with beetroot, roasted squash, kale and avocado (also PALEO)

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