Monday, 2 May 2016

Instant ice cream (GAPS, AIP, V+)

Two-ingredient ice cream - ready in a flash whizz

Ah, May! Scented with lilac, viola, lily of the valley, and full of bees, birds, bugs and butterflies. The calendar shows it is the last month of spring yet the temperature is winter-like. I was ignoring the cold outside and since I was determined to welcome May with a sweet frozen treat I prepared a super quick ice cream, I called it instant because it takes no more than 2 mins to make, and just perfect for unexpected guest. This ice cream is free from dairy, eggs and nuts, it does not contain added sweeteners at all, not even honey, as pure as it can be.

I always keep frozen fruits in my freezer. Bananas are habitual residents. Some berries often join them if I am able to find fragrant, sweet and perfectly ripe berries I buy them in bulk and freeze them immediately. Today I made raspberry ice cream but if you have other berries in your freezer they will be just as delicious. For the bananas, I buy two or three cluster and ripen them to the point where the skin is bright yellow covered with brown spots. They are sweet, they are ripe and they are the perfect dairy (and egg, and nut) free ice cream ingredient. Peel them, slice them and put 2 or 3 sliced bananas in one freezer bag.

I called it ice cream because it is more than just a fruit sorbet. The bananas add a smooth and creamy texture to the ice cream that will surprise you. Tastier than the "real" thing! Perfect for kids birthday parties.

You will need (enough for 2 to 3):
3 ripe bananas, frozen
150 g raspberries, frozen

1. Put the frozen bananas and raspberries in a mixer (it should handle ice easily) and pulse until the fruit is crushed, then mix for 20 to 30 seconds.
2. Serve immediately. Share. Enjoy! Indulge.

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