Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Apple and cashew butter snack

Crunchy apple and creamy cashew butter

Snacking is good. Good snacking is important. So easy to snack on rubbish these days. Wherever direction you reach it is made sure you bump into something nasty. Snacking does not need to be nasty. It can be simple and powerful. Fruit is a perfect snack. Nuts are a good addition to the fiber, water, and vitamin-rich powerhouse of nature.

Please note, although fruits are low in calories combining them with nuts which contain a relatively large quantity of calories, will shift the balance. On the other hand, while nuts have a very low glycemic index fruits are high in sugars.

My tot loves to dip sliced apple into creamy nut butter. Cashew nut butter is particularly good with apples.

You will need:
cashew nut butter

Wash and slice the apple and serve with the nut butter (Carley's is delicious). Enjoy!

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