Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Strawberry and vanilla chia seed pudding (V+)

Silky chia seed pudding with local strawberries

In the past few days we have been enjoying fruity chia seed puddings after dinner. I have used mashed raspberries. They are silky, barely sweet, perfect to seal the day with something creamy and dreamy.

We have found lovely scented, local strawberries. This time I did not mush all the fruit, left half chunky. Also added a bit of vanilla, they make a great combo.

You will need (for three people):
3 small glass jars/containers with lids*
2 ½ tbsp. chia seeds, each
some coconut milk** or other plant milk of your choice
½ tbsp. lavender honey, each
a wee pinch of sea salt, each
a pinch of ground vanilla, each

a good handful of strawberries

1. Put 2 ½ tbsp. chia seeds into each glass, fill the glass half with coconut milk, stir immediately to prevent clumps. Take turns stirring each for a few seconds, doing this for a few times.
2. Stir in the honey, the salt and the vanilla.
3. Mash half of the strawberries with a fork, dice the other half (leaving few whole strawberries to serve).

4. Distribute the mashed and the diced strawberries between the jars.
5. Top the jars up with some more coconut milk if needed.
6. Stir for the last time. Put the lid on and place the jars into the refrigerator to set, preferably overnight.
7. Serve with the remaining strawberries. Enjoy!

*I have used Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni Food Preserve Jars, 150 ml
 **I have used Rude Health Coconut Drink for its sweet vanilla flavour. Ingredients: spring water, organic rice, organic coconut (4%), sea salt.

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